Contract Migration,

Vesting and more!

Contract Migration from Version 1 to Version 2

We are excited to announce that the UniPlay token migrated on Friday 17th from initial contract (Contract V1) to V2 contract (Contract V2)

We have been working around the clock to integrate some amazing new features!

Holders can now go to the URL and use the same wallet address to access on vesting platform. Making the integration between the two seamless.

TGE, the token generator event will be starting very soon, as the IDO starts in p2pb2b trading platform, tokens will be issued the longer you hold.

If you are interested in vesting with Uniplay, please refer to the tutorial on the vesting platform below.

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    What is Vesting?

    The concept of vesting isn’t new and has a lot of close ties with the traditional financial market. Vesting is the term used when owners of crypto have their assets tied for the vesting period, gaining rewards and incentives to hold the token.

    Vesting is an integral part of Uniplay’s tokenomics and part of Uniplay’s anti-dump policy, making the token more stable and attractive for investors and users alike.

    Guide on connecting your Metamask wallet to the Vesting platform.

    Step 1:

    Step 2:

    Select your wallet from the dropdown list.

    Step 3:

    After logging into your wallet, you will be asked which account to connect to the Vesting platform.
    Click Next

    Step 4:

    You are going to be prompted to accept access.
    Click Connect

    Step 5:

    As soon as you have successfully connected your Metamask wallet to the vesting platform, you will automatically be redirected to your Dashboard.