You can deposit manually using this Etherium ETH and Bitcoin BTC addresses;
ETH: 0x6C0D47E85eb070f1BB298d15831Cf821846638b1
BTC: bc1qpjafj09j4etwk0rapyzwasrxj37z7jyudar4l5

After deposit, please send us a link from the blockchain explorer and a screenshot from your wallet where the transaction is clearly visible.
Please inform us by email the preferred Ethereum address you like to receive UniPlay UNP at [email protected]


Enter the equivalent of UniPlay you want to purchase in USD. Please note that the USD price is only used for reference.

You will be charged in your preferred crypto and the amount of Uniplay received will be based on the ETH exchange rate at the moment of finalizing the transaction.

*Minimum amount $1